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1:8 Kit Nitro Touning Car
 1.    Complete CVA Driveshaft

2.    150 c.c. Fuel Tank with Aluminum Post

3.    Aluminum CNC Chassis Brace (F/R)

4.    Aluminum CNC C Hub, 6 Degree

5.    Aluminum CNC Rear Hubs

6.    Aluminum 7075 CNC Lightweight Chassis

7.    Aluminum Center Joint Cup

8.    Aluminum Brake Caliper Set

9.    Aluminum CNC Brake Disc

10.    Aluminum CNC Suspension Bracket (FF/FR)

11.    16mm Large Shock Absorber

12.    Enhanced Servo Saver Spring

13.    Carbon 4mm Shock Tower (F/R)

14.    Large Anti-Collision Sponge

15.    Whole New M0.8 Drive System

16.    Rear Body Fasten Set

17.    Aluminum Clutch Gear

18.    Aluminum 3-shoe Clutch

19.    High Hardened Steel Shock Spring

20.    Big Rear Diffuser

21.    Front and Rear Sealed Differential

22.    CNC Machined Hardened 13 Tooth Pinion Gear

23.    CNC Machined Hardened 13 Tooth Bevel Gear

24.    Front and Rear Sway Bars

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